AI Workflow


With the volume of data rising, now is the time to start implementing innovative technologies to automated manual features of your business process.

Jobin Thomas CEO and Sales

After completing a data scientist position with neuroscience, Jobin decided he was passionate with the future of artificial intelligence. He spends time being an architect for products within Superior Data Science LLC and enjoys working with his team. Developing high quality products that will benefit clients with hard metrics, is not only a dream but the sole reason for working hard

Mo. : (214)518-9248
Preston Espinosa Senior Account Executive

Preston is passionate about technology in the business spectrum. He enjoys implementing Artificial intelligence to advance revenue production and customer service for companies. By accumulating experience and knowledge in the field of sales and managing, he is able to offer the best AI products which provides most benefit.

Mo. : 469-740-9819
Isai Rojas Co-Founder | CFO | Lead Business Analyst

Paving the road for artificial intelligence to where the data lives. Superior Data Science will always prioritize secure and direct client relationships. With a passion for service quality feel free to reach out to me

Mo. : (817) 937-2902
Andrew Hall Senior Account Executive

Entrepreneur by heart. Knowledgeable in maintaining accounts for Superior Data Science LLC. Artificial Intelligence is something I've always had a dream to be involved with. Superior Data Science allows me to provide for expert clients who are looking for efficiency via artificial intelligence.

Mo. : (210) 275-2506